Starter Package

W990mm x H2000mm x D500mm

Featuring a combination of W990mm workbench, drawer, shelf and pegboard, this is the perfect package to get you started. Bays can easily be added at a later stage should your storage or workbench needs change.

Economy Package

W1920mm x H2000mm x D500mm

The ‘Economy’ offers a flexible range of storage components for your tools and small parts, with the added feature of heavy duty steel shelves to store existing tool boxes or bulky house hold items.

Tradies Package

W1920mm x H2000mm x D500mm

Transform your workshop and take it to the next level with our practical and robust Tradies package. The H1000mm steel pegboard will have all your tools at your fingertips and the range of drawer units will ensure all your gear is neat, safe and organised. Ideal as individual workstations in commercial workshop environments.

Ultimate Package

W1920mm x H2000mm x D500mm

The ‘Ultimate’ workbench package for your workshop or home garage, featuring lockable drawers, overhead storage cabinets and W1850mm workbench. Keep your power tools and equipment safe and dust-free whilst enjoying the generous work space this package has to offer.

Tool Trolley Combo

W1920mm x H2000mm x D500mm

The Tool Trolley Combo is ideal for those who want the flexibility of moving their tools around the workshop. The 2 x mobile tool trolleys are designed to fit under the W1850mm workbench offering a unique and stable workbench/trolley combination for busy workshops.


Professional Package

W2880mm x H2000mm x D500mm

Be the envy of all your mates and upgrade to the Professional package to have the complete workbench/drawer/cabinet combination in your garage or workshop. The H1830mm cabinet adds additional storage capacity and flexibility, and is lockable to keep your equipment safe and secure.

Platinum Package

W3840mm x H2000mm x D500mm

The Platinum is our premium package offering a combination of all of our lockable storage components including 2 x H1830mm cabinets, each with 3 adjustable shelves. Ideal for storing everyday household items from gardening and sporting equipment to tools and hardware. A steel shelf sits above the H1830mm cabinet providing an additional 150kg of storage capacity (per



W1920mm x H2000mm x D500mm

One of our most practical and bestselling combinations, the StorageMaster is the perfect freestanding storage unit for the home garage, featuring 2 x H900mm lockable cabinets, with the added bonus of 2 x rows of steel shelves. Organise your sporting, camping, boating or gardening  equipment in an orderly manner and reclaim your garage floor!

StorageMaster Mini

W990mm x H2000mm x D500mm

Designed for small spaces, but packed with features, the StorageMaster Mini is a unique combination of H900mm cabinet, drawer and steel shelf, ideal for the home garage or apartment style living.

Shelving Units

W990mm or W1920 x H2000mm x D500mm

Not just another shelving unit. Our shelving units are of industrial strength and made to last. Made from tough powder coated steel, each W925mm steel shelf is reinforced and has a 150kg storage capacity. Available in two different sizes – W990mm and W1920mm, these shelving units are freestanding and can also be joined to workbench/cabinet bays to add additional storage.